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Free Solar Systems for companies in Thailand

Save a lot of money... and the planet!

Zero Solar Invest offers free installation and maintenance of solar panels

for consumers in Thailand.

Are the solar panels and installation really for free?

Yes, we completely take care of the solar panels, installation and maintenance. The solar panels and hardware are provided free of charge for use and remain the property of Zero Solar Invest. There are no hidden costs and you don't have to pay one baht when you decide to use our service.

But how can Zero Solar Invest earn money when you offer your services for free?

It's pretty ​​​​simple:

1. We install solar panels on your roof or facade for free;

2. One part of the electricity generated by solar panels will be passed on to your company;

3. One part of the monthly electricity savings will be passed on to our customers and the other part goes to ZeroSolarInvest.

Questions & answers

How much money I will save every month?

It depends on your project, as well as the utility rates and solar policies in your area. Your savings will be arround 10% of your actual monthly electricity bill.

Is this free solar panels offer limited?

Every new cooperation represents an investment in the future of solar energy in Thailand. Our cooperation partners need a minimum power consumption to guarantee a sustainable economy.

Is this offer
 totally free?

Yes, it is absolutely free. There are no hidden costs and you dont have to pay one baht when you decide to use our service. We completely take care of the solar panels, installation and maintenance.

Why Zero Solar Invest?

We are your contact for all matters. From consultation to planning to installation and maintenance. In the on-site consultation we evaluate together with the customer the ideal solution. We inform about technical possibilities and our product range.

Our approach

With the findings on site, the individual components are compiled in an offerte clearly presented and explained to the customer expert.

Thanks to the bundled know-how from the building envelope, electrical engineering and many years of experience, we can fulfill your wishes for solar energy professionally and competently. Together we realize large plants all over Thailand.

In a short time, our experienced installation team installs the solar panels on your roof or facade.

Thanks to our experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that your system will be in operation for decades without any problems.

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